I-95 Destination Guides

Destination Guides

Welcome to our I-95 Destination Guides! Our guides feature popular vacation destinations conveniently located along I-95. You'll find information on nearby attractions, lodging, transportation, weather and things to see and do... everything you need to plan your next vacation!
Orlando, Florida
“Zippy Doo Dah, Zippy Ay, My Oh My What A Wonderful Day”! And what a wonderful day for anyone visiting this magical place. If you are one of the lucky millions of people who will visit this fabulous “world”, get ready to have the ride of your life. more...

Savannah, Georgia
Savannah is widely renowned for its historical features which stand as an open invitation for visitors to uncover its hidden charms. Luscious peach trees, Civil War history, delicious cuisine, and ethnic festivals are part of the Savannah experience. more...

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
South Carolina’s Grand Strand is gifted with blue skies, sun-bleached sand, golden sunshine, curling breakers and gentle breezes. The extraordinary natural beauty of this coastline has attracted visitors for nearly a century. more...


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