I-95 gap in NJ

I-95 has quite a interesting history. Its route continues to be the subject of much discussion and speculation. I-95 groupies unite!

Postby CaptE » Fri Nov 22, 2002 8:13 pm

I have probably posted my dislikes for traveling the NJ Pike countless times, so I won't repeat myself again.
I get quite creative when driving through NJ and take a whole slew of different back roads.

You can't do some of this if your either driving a large truck or in a hurry, but otherwise enjoy the scenery.

Actually I think the scenery along the Pike might be one of my main objections.
Thats one of those reasons I just stand on the pedal so I can get through there in the least amount of time.

I guess living up in the mountains spoils a person.

Postby Mark Washington » Fri Nov 22, 2002 8:13 pm


As a Philadelphia native and a young traffic engineer (for 7 years), I am "offended" by the fact that my city is the only East Coast city (i.e. Boston, New York, Baltimore, Washington, Miami) that i-95 "technically" bypasses. Don't get me wrong - the current set up (the gap in New Jersey) helps alleviate traffic build ups in downtown Philadelphia with all the possible out of town motorists and Philly drivers. Believe me, I have had the opportunity to drive through downtown Baltimore, suburban Washington, and through New York City on Interstate 95.

But my pet peeve is that i-95 has a gap in New Jersey and as a result, many i-95 travelers never had the opportunity to drive through my beloved city. They just cruise through Cherry Hill, New Jersey, but not Philadelphia!

Another problem that I have is the way I-95 North signs are indicated in Maryland, north of Baltimore (I-95 North - New York) UUUGGGHHH!!!! Doesn't someone from Maryland know that there is one more major city before New York City, just north of Baltimore? On most Interstates throughout the country, one can see several overhead signs indicating the next MAJOR City. I would like to see signs in Maryland that states (I-95 North - Philadelphia). Folks even if one is entering I-95 North in Downtown Baltimore, they are seeing signs for New York, knowing goodness well that Philly lies along the route. To the Maryland folks that install I-95 North signs, give Philly some respect. Let's see (I-95 North - Philadelphia; or even I-95 North - Philadelphia-New York). I should be able to see these signs as soon as I am leaving the Baltimore Area.
Mark Washington

Postby George K » Fri Nov 22, 2002 8:14 pm

Yes it's sort of a mixed blessing, especially on a Friday afternoon in the summer, you might feel like taking all the I-95 signs down and letting all the tourists eat their cake on the NJ TurnPike, as they sit in line waiting to go through the tollbooths. Philly does have a nice skyline and is a much more interesting drive than the NJ ThornPick most days.

There are 2 projects going on to change some of that, The PA TPike is supposed to build an interchange where I-95 and I-276 cross each other. They have always been unconnected so far. It seems with ticket type toll roads it takes several decades to build a new interchange. This should route I-95 North of Philly, then East along what will be then I-276/95 and onto the NJ Pike. There is a website online detailing that project.

The other project going on is the present construction of NJ29 in Trenton between US1 and I-195/295. This won't be signed as I-95, but should make a physically straighter shorter way to bridge the gap using I-95 through Philly then the present US 1 Freeway to Trenton then the new NJ-29 to I-195 to the NJ Pike.
George K

Postby Raymond C. Martin Jr. » Fri Nov 22, 2002 8:14 pm

If only NJ 29 was going to be full freeway... not to mention only if the NJ 29/US 1 interchange would be up to specs... Bad route, IMHO, even after it's finished.

I'm just waiting for the day when the NJTP is forced to sign exit 6 as I-95 South... They'll be hurting for years to come (mainly in pride, but whatever)...
Raymond C. Martin Jr.

Postby Chris » Fri Nov 22, 2002 8:14 pm

Re: Frustrated motorist.

I just used EZ pass this past Friday, Nov. 2, on both the Susquehanna Bridge and the Harbor Tunnel in Maryland. No problem at all.

Postby lou » Tue Apr 01, 2003 8:58 pm

[quote= "Raymond C. Martin Jr. "]I'm just waiting for the day when the NJTP is forced to sign exit 6 as I-95 South... They'll be hurting for years to come (mainly in pride, but whatever)...[/quote]


Postby simarc » Wed Nov 19, 2003 12:43 am

I just avoid the darn turnpike. I go over the Outerbridge Crossing from Staten Island and take 440 to US-1 south.

I take 1 directly into I-95 and go thru Philly and never hit the pike.

Saves money and most times saves traffic.
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