I-95 South Traffic in MA - from Waltham

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I-95 South Traffic in MA - from Waltham

Postby jennyk » Tue Mar 19, 2013 11:20 pm

Hi all! Does anyone have an idea of morning rush hour traffic headed southbound on I-95 from Waltham, MA? I would guess it's not too terrible, being that it's headed away from Boston, but I really have no idea and traffic around Boston is TRICKY. Help!
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Re: I-95 South Traffic in MA - from Waltham

Postby bostonboy » Wed Mar 27, 2013 1:39 am

It can be brutal -- it is worse coming north, but still can be horrendous at times. The stretch between route 3 (Burlington) and the Mass Pike extension is often bumper-to-bumper for miles.

Now - if you are traveling south from northern environs (Maine, New Hampshire, etc.) and going south on I-95 toward New York -- there is a faster way ...

In Amesbury, Massachusetts - right after crossing into Mass. from New Hampshire - 95 and 495 split off.

Take 495 south.
You can take that all the way to the Mass Pike (I-90).
Go I-90 west.
Get off at Sturbridge (I-84).
Take I-84 south to Connecticut 15 ("Charter Oaks Bridge" but it's not really a bridge).
Connecticut 15 takes you to I-91.
I-91 takes you down to New Haven, and dumps you on to I-95 when 91 ends.

By doing this - you have bypassed - Boston, the "95/128" morning mess, Worcester, Providence, and Hartford...
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