Best Route to Avoid Tolls FL - BOS

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Best Route to Avoid Tolls FL - BOS

Postby I95driver » Fri Feb 17, 2012 4:21 am

So the EZ pass bill starting to bug me, $90 for last trip (did include a 2 day stayover in NYC which adds a bit)

Anyways, I've noticed the MD stretch and NJ seems to do the damage and looking for any alternates.

Anyways, here's a route I'm thinking and any advice would be appreciated

I-95 to DC then take US 50 to US 301 to DE Rt 1 back to I-95
(only toll is Bay Bridge which I think is $4 northbound only and maybe $1 on DE Rt 1)

Then stay on I-95 towards Philly. Take either the Walt Whitman or Delaware Memorial Bridge to I-295 then north to I-I-195 to NJP (only toll is the bridge which I think is $4 southbound only)

Then NJP to GW bridge uption New England (only toll is $9 from NJ into NY and few bucks say 7 on NJP) or traffic Verrzonos bridge through NYC to Whitstone Bridge then onto Hutch up into New England (only toll is $9 from NJ into NY and $4 whitstone and few bucks say 3 on NJP)

So total = $20ish northbound OR $10ish southbound which is a lot less than the last few years EZ pass statements show when I've just gone I-95 most of the way.

Thank you in advance for any tips
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Re: Best Route to Avoid Tolls FL - BOS

Postby SkyDude » Sun Mar 04, 2012 11:48 am

For the last few years I have been using only a part of the NJ Pike, if it all, between I-195 and the GWB. I have been taking I-195 to NJ 29 then you can either pay about $1 the the toll bridge in Trenton over the state line, Delaware River, or a block away is the toll-free "Trenton Makes" bridge. US-1 Freeway from there connects directly to/from I-95 in PA.

Also in Delaware there is a way, several ways probably to beat the toll using local roads between one exit and the next. I'm sure all the locals do that.
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Re: Best Route to Avoid Tolls FL - BOS

Postby njnorsky » Mon Mar 12, 2012 1:26 pm

I know we all love I-95 but have you condsidered traveling a bit further inland if you want to avoid tolls? You can pick up I-26 in SC > I-77 > I-81 > I-78 (toll for crossing from PA into NJ) > I-287 > I-87 (toll for crossing Tappan Zee Bridge).
Once you're over the TZ bridge you can pick up I-95 again (or head up I-684 > I-84 (tolls in MA) > I-90 (toll road)).
I haven't added up the dollar difference in tolls but going this way you avoid all tolls in DE, MD and NJ.
However with the price of gas these days going a slightly longer route to avoid paying tolls may or may not make sense either. But it's always nice to know we have options.
Safe Trip!
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