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RVing Boothbay Maine then Cape Cod MA then back VA  

New Member

Looking for suggested route from Urbanna, VA to Boothbay, ME. then traveling to Cape Cod, MA and returning to Urbanna, VA.; traveling in 40 ft. motorhome. Checking routes brings us on I95 to ME, we would like to avoid the I95 through New York, NJ.  Any suggestions appreciated.

Posted : July 2, 2018 5:39 pm
Member Admin

Take US 17 north to US 301 north (bypasses DC) then I-95 (and the NJ Turnpike) north to I-91 north to I-84 north to I-290 to I-495 north (best route around Boston) and then back to I-95 north and, once you're in Maine, Take I-295 (Portland), then jump on US 1 north (Freeport). When you get to Wiscasset, take ME 27 south of Boothbay Harbor. 

If you are really set on avoiding New Jersey and NYC, you could always take I-270 (north of DC), then I-76 to Harrisburg, then I-78 to I-287 (north of NYC), and I-84 up to Hartford/Worchester, and I-495 around Boston and reconnect to I-95 north of Boston. Then continue on as outlined above.

Getting to Cape Cod, reverse the route then use I-495 south down to it's southern end and you're at the entrance to Cape Cod.

Not using I-95 will cost you extra time and miles, but if that's not an issue then go for it.

Another option would be to simply schedule you trip to avoid the bottleneck locations during high traffic periods.

Anyone else have a suggestion?

Have a great trip!

Posted : July 10, 2018 3:50 pm


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