Indian River Lagoon Scenic Highway | I-95 Exit Guide

Indian River Lagoon Scenic Highway

The Indian River Lagoon Scenic Highway is designated as an official Americas Byway. The byway consists of several routes that run along both sides of the Indian River between Titusville and Wabasso. Taking any I-95 exit between these two points and heading east will intersect with the Indian River Lagoon Scenic Highway. The Byway is approximately 150 miles long. You should allow about four hours (without stopping) to drive or two days to stop at various attractions along the route.

Indian River Lagoon Scenic Highway | I-95 Exit GuideFor a truly diverse adventure, travel the Indian River Lagoon Scenic Highway. Explore wildlife refuges, seashores, historic districts, and even the intricacies of the NASA Space Program. While traveling the byway, you will meander through three national wildlife refuges and through several state and local parks and sanctuaries. And, speaking of diversity, while visiting the Indian River Lagoon, you will find yourself in the most biologically diverse estuary in North America. The Lagoon is home to more than 4,000 species of plants and animals.

Indian River Lagoon Scenic Highway | I-95 Exit GuideIn addition to the ample wildlife surrounding the byway, an abundance of recreational opportunities await you. Choose from sailing, swimming, surfing, boating, fishing, bird watching, hiking, and biking. Or, if you prefer a leisurely stroll, wander through the vibrant historic districts found in many of the communities along the byway. Don’t forget to include a stop at the McLarty Treasure Museum, where you will see many examples of Spanish treasure lost in shipwrecks just off the coast of Florida.

Indian River Lagoon Scenic Highway | I-95 Exit GuideOnce you’ve seen all the byway has to offer on land, enter the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex and look to the sky. Take a virtual moonwalk, sit at a mission control console, or visit with real astronauts.

Whether you are going to explore the natural ecosystem surrounding the lagoon or to observe the workings of the nation’s space program, the opportunites are endless on the Indian River Lagoon Scenic Highway.

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Top Left: Public domain. U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service
Right: Public domain. Courtesy of Indian River County

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