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Golden Corral – Smithfield, NC

Location: I-95 Exit 97, Smithfield, North Carolina

This Golden Corral is located right across the road from the Carolina Premium Outlet Mall. It is the best Golden Corral restaurant that we have ever eaten at.

The restaurant is impeccably clean with a wonderful selection of food. Everything was fresh and delicious.

We recommend it to all I-95 travelers!


  1. Ate at Golden Corral for the first time last November (somewhere in GA). It was marvellous despite being horrendously dangerous (calorie wise). In addition to all the great looking food, the salad was marvellous as well. Helpful hint? Move the chocolate fountain away from the front door… it might scare people away. Well, it might 😛

  2. Eating at the GC in Smithfield near I95 is one of our favorite places to eat. The food is delicious, clean and all are friendly. And the senior citizen discount is such a help to us on a limited income. Have never had a bad experience there. Can’t say that for some of the others we have stopped at. Keep up the good work!!!

  3. While I agree that the food is good, there are a couple of problem for some of us. First, from a local perspective, you can no longer eat anything but the buffet. Many of us do not eat enough to pay $10 or $11 for the buffet. There use to be an option for those of us who might be dieting to order a meat, such as grilled chicken, but that no longer exist. So, I for one will stay away, and many other will also, as long as there is no choice but to eat the buffet.

  4. I agree witrh this customer review, 100%. This is by far the best Golden Corral on the GC chain. Food is wonderful, fresh, and service is good.
    Thank you for a very good experience in the restaurant. Keep up the good work!


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