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Jimmy’s Seafood – West Haven, CT

Location: I-95 Exit 45 (southbound), or Exit 44, West Haven, Connecticut

The best fried seafood ever is at Jimmy’s, a couple of miles off I-95 in West Haven Connecticut (exit 45, I-95 to 5 Rock Street).  It is the last vestige of an old amusement park, Savin Rock (long since demolished), on Long Island Sound.  They have sit-down dining, but the atmosphere is quite casual.

It does get busy on weekends after 6:00 PM, but it’s well worth the stop.


  1. I haven’t been to Jimmies in several years but I grew up going there every week. I live in Florida now and can’t get there. I loved the food. The clams were the best! The fries were great and the onion rings were fantastic. So were the hot dogs! I started going there when it was Savin Rock. I am sure if I had a chance to be in Connecticut. I would go there and still love it. My parents loved it and when I married and lived in New York and later in New Jersey we took our kids there nd they felt the same. Take me back to those days anytime.

  2. We visit this restaurant every day when we are in Connecticut vacationing. The food is great and the staff is the best. I hope they survived the hurricane… we were praying for all of you. Your Omaha friends send regards to Renee and Lacey and many thanks for great service and kindness to strangers.

  3. This place is long past it’s prime. We were out of town guests and did not pick this restaurant. When you pull up you would think the place was closed down, the exterior is in disrepair and run down, then you walk in. The decor looks like it’s from the 70s. I cringed, but we were guests so we grinned and ordered.

    The service was okay, nothing more than you would expect from any local diner. Everything had an extra charge, even soft drink refills. The salads were far from fresh and included one olive and one cherry tomato, gee thanks. The food was horrible! Everything tasted the same from the French fries to shrimp to desert. This is why they include the tip, if they didn’t they wouldn’t get one. My wife and I only ate a few bites then took the rest home.

    Do your guests a big favor and don’t take them to Jimmies.

  4. Sorry Gordon was so snooty that his palate couldn’t appreciate the simplicity of Jimmie’s seafood. Can there be anything so satisfying as their broiled scallops, their over-stuffed lobster rolls or their yummy fried clams. And don’t forget their coleslaw! So crisp, so perfect an accompiant to their seafood. I now live in Michigan but whenever I am back in CT to visit family, no way I leave without a trip to Jimmie’s at Savin Rock! I wish I could get a couple pounds of coleslaw shipped here….my husband would freak! He actually proposed to me after a Jimmie’s meal!

  5. I would love to buy a poster or some memoriabilia of your restaurant. My husband grew up eating there with his parents…..the family name was Illions….please let me know if there is anything available.

    thank you,


  6. I’m sorry to here about your bad experience, Gordon. I haven’t been there in 20years, but I have fond memories.
    My Dad is from Westhaven, and every time he went back to visit, we just had to eat there. I loved the bright orange 70’s decor. Although it’s a seafood place, Jimmy’s was famous for their hotdogs.


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