Old Country Buffet - Christiana, Delaware | I-95 Exit Guide

Old Country Buffet – Christiana, DE

Location: I-95, exit 166 – Christiana, Delaware

Old Country Buffet is the king of all buffets… besides Captain George’s seafood buffet in Virginia Beach.

A friend and I went in a few months ago and were jaws dropped staring at all the beautiful yumminess. I had tacos, chicken and dumplings, salad, desserts, soup, ice cream, lasagna… and probably more I can’t remember.

The taco shells were a little stale… and that is my only complaint.

One thought on “Old Country Buffet – Christiana, DE”

  1. We’ve stopped at several Old Country Buffets on the east coast, including this one. Prices are reasonable and there is quite a bit to choose from. The selection always seems to be different every time we go. Great stop!

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