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Young Plantation Bakeryand Pecan Outlet – Florence, SC

Young Plantation has a new store located just off of I-95 exit 164 in Florence, South Carolina.

Young’s has an in store bakery (with fresh breads, pies, and cakes), awesome sandwiches, ice cream, and a full range of pecans and southern specialty foods.

Check it out! Their number is 843-662-2452


  1. Fun shop to stop by on your road trip. Awesome sample bar of nuts, treats, etc. Great place to stretch your legs and pick up some treats for friends or gifts. Enjoy!

  2. Awesome sandwiches? It was white bread and no toppings. It was worse than a gas station sandwich. We had no idea what to expect as there was no menu. Just a girl at the counter putting tally marks on her pad as the line moved forward and each person asked – what do u have? And she’d list 3 sandwhich options. We figured whatever toppings came on them we’d just take off it wasn’t something we wanted. No worries there!

    It was a 45 minute wait! And once a drink or sandwhich came out, the girl would go around the whole store finding out – did u order water? Did u order this or that? it was bizarre! This Is a gift shop trying to cover the cost of their store with lame food.

  3. Youngs Plantation Pecans and Gourmets foods are the best in the World. I have been buying them for years and tried others but there is no comparison of the great taste and quality. I just wish we had a store in Columbia, SC. I am putting together a “Thank You” Gift Basket for a gentleman who was so good to my 90 yr. young mother and had no idea what to do for him. And then I thought of Youngs. I knew that would be much nicer than a fruit basket or gift certificate. I hope he will enjoy it and share with his co-worker. This is one fine gentleman and I want him to know how much we appreciate how he went out of his way to help our mother. But, then he treats everyone with the utmost respect and provides service after the sale, which is so much more important. If I had my way, he should be elected as the South Carolinian of the year.

    So, I believe a Basket from Youngs will be something he can enjoy that is delicious and different. And It has given me the idea to buy more of their great treats for Christmas Gifts this year. Sometimes, it is difficult to know what to get the family and friends and I think Young’s Gourmet Gifts will be a nice new treat.

    My sincere thanks to Youngs for the outstanding quality and service you have been providing for many years. You are the best. I have tried gourmet pecans from many different places and none come close to being as wonderful as yours. And thanks for keeping the prices down and still providing great personal customer service. And I hope you will open a nice big store in NE Columbia, near the Sandhill Mall Area. I believe, it would be a tremendous success.

    Sunny in Columbia, SC 29223

  4. I get my pecans two places: fresh off a nearby tree and at Young’s. Young’s Pecan Pie is the best I’ve ever had (and I managed a bakery after college). The store in Florence is fantastic. We alwys try all the samples but continue to buy our favorite for the rest of our trip back to Charlotte – the white chocolate pecans!

  5. We have received pecans as gifts for years, and I look for them every year with great anticipation. In your insert with them, you have some pecan recipes, and I have misplaced mine. I’ve tried many other pecan pie recipes, but none of them even come close to being as good as yours, and I believe it was entitled Southern Pecan Pie. Is there some way that I can obtain a copy? Thanks so much, Peggy Graham

  6. I was really ticked off when they kicked me out for tasting too many samples… No, really, the pecan muffins were best muffins that I’ve ever had. If I lived any near this store, I would weigh 300 pounds.


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