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I-95 Exit Guide Forum

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If you're new to our forums, stop here first!

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Welcome to Our New Discussion ...

Exit Services
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There's a lot to see and do along I-95... from theme parks, museums, zoos and other attractions. Get in on the discussions here!

Topics: 19  |  Posts: 38

Disneyworld Crowds

Camping & RVing

RVing down I-95? Join fellow travelers here and discuss RV and camping related issues...

Topics: 12  |  Posts: 28

Tunnels While Traveling in a R...

Gas/Fuel Stops

Travelers post their comments and questions about gas and fuel stops along I-95 here.

Topics: 4  |  Posts: 18

Pumping Your Own Gas


Virtually every hotel chain has a presence on I-95. Post questions and get answers here.

Topics: 23  |  Posts: 69

Lodging for a Large Family Nea...

Road Food

Who says you can't find good food on the road? Travelers post their best food stops along I-95 here.

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Nicest/cleanest/safest Waffle ...

Getting There
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Are We There Yet?

Ask about or share your short cuts, alternate routes and side trips with fellow road warriors here.

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All I-95 or I-81/i-77/I-26/I-9...

Construction and Traffic

Nothing puts the damper on a roadtrip like a traffic jam. Ask questions or help your fellow travelers here.

Topics: 69  |  Posts: 85

Ramp Closures, Detours as I-95...

Traveling With Kids and Pets

Kids and pets on a road trip isn't necessarily a bad thing...

Topics: 13  |  Posts: 36

Rest stop playgrounds

Travel Safety

Travel safe by being aware of your surroundings. I-95 travelers offer safety advice here.

Topics: 11  |  Posts: 34

“Keep Right Except to Pass” La...


Yes, there are tolls along I-95. Add your two cents (or tokens) here.

Topics: 5  |  Posts: 14

E-ZPass in Florida?

I-95 Perspective
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Odd, Strange and Unusual

There's lot's of weird stuff along I-95. Can you add something to this discussion?

Topics: 6  |  Posts: 46

Where is South of the Border?

Sound Off!

What bugs you most about other drivers? Sound off here. It's the next best thing to being there!

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Red Light Traffic Cameras


Remember those road trips down I-95 when you were a kid? Memory lane begins here.

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Remember the Traffic Lights on...



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