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Fullers Old Fashioned BBQ – Lumberton, North Carolina

Location: I-95, Exit 20 – Lumberton, North Carolina

If you were ever in love with “Southern” cookin or “Soul Food,” do not pass by Fullers Family BBQ. For a moderate price, $12.95 last time I was there I think, you get a well stocked buffet that contains all of the traditional southern favorites and some you have never heard of. Do you like veggies, try the collards, mustard greens, fried cabbage, boiled cabbage, black eyed peas, limas, creamed corn, fried ocra, etc. The Carolina style pulled pork BBQ is excellent, as are the variety of sausages, including liver pudding and blood sausage.

Do you prefer something else, try the fried oysters, fried catfish, fried chicken, Johnny Cakes, and home made pork cracklin’s. If you can still fit another spoonfull of food after all that, you’ll get what you deserve, a not very good desert. This place has such good southern food you can almost feel your arteries starting to clog. This is a DO NOT MISS!

6 thoughts on “Fullers Old Fashioned BBQ – Lumberton, North Carolina”

  1. Food is what you pay for… soaked in butter and salt, with no real flavor. On top of that their restaurant prices are way more than the prices listed on their webpage. Save yourself the time and money, and keep on driving!

  2. I think your comment is a little harsh, but I also don’t think Fuller’s is great. It’s good but not great, but I would certainly eat there again if I couldn’t make it to Ralph’s in Weldon.

    My mother was from Roanoke Rapids, NC so I grew up eating at Ralph’s BBQ (just off 95 in Weldon). With this admitted bias, I believe Ralph’s is the BEST for minced and pulled eastern NC BBQ (w/slaw), fried chicken, brunswick stew, etc. We try to stop at Ralph’s each time we go south–it made my wife (formerly of PA) and northern VA kids big fans too.

  3. Lumberton, NC location has been closed since it was flooded by Hurricane Matthew in 10/2016. No plans to have it open any time soon.

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