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Carl’s Ice Cream – Fredericksburg, VA

Location: I-95 Exit 133, Fredericksburg, Virginia

You may want to add a local favorite in the Fredricksburg VA area. Carl’s ice cream, serving homemade soft ice cream, was featured in the great PBS special “The Ice Cream Show.” It is on a road just south and east of the US Route 1 bridge over the Rapahannock River, but I cannot remember the street or route name.

It’s a rare gem,  with plenty of local color and terrific ice cream.

3 thoughts on “Carl’s Ice Cream – Fredericksburg, VA”

  1. Carl’s Ice Cream is on Princess Anne Street. It’s open from Feb 14th thru Nov. Most times the line is wrapped around the building, but it moves quickly. For the locals, that’s part of the fun.

  2. To add to the above post.. First, Carl’s is the best.. Even when the line wraps all the way around the building, the line moves really fast.. 15 minutes tops..
    To get there, Exit 133 off of I-95 and take Route 17 business SOUTH. (About 1.25 miles) At the bottom of the hill turn right on Route 1 South. At the first light on the South end of the bridge, turn left.. Carl’s in up about 1/2 mile on the right. It is small however great things come in small packages..

  3. When I return Fredericksburg to visit my family, Carl’s Ice Cream is my safe haven! Its also my local hot spot to meet with my friends & family… don’t worry, the ice cream is cold and absolutely worth the caloric intake.

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