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Choo-Choo BBQ – Waverly, GA

Location: I-95 Exit 26, Dover Bluff Rd., Waverly, Georgia

As Canadians, we rarely get to enjoy a good BBQ’d pork sandwich…. well try Choo-Choo BBQ at this exit. It is truly beyond good, it is an excellent sandwich. Simple location, a BBQ house, a gift and Georgia peanut shop and a Shell gas station. What more do you need?

Believe me, we look forward to the stop on our twice a year pilgrimage to Naples, Florida.


  1. I’ve been stopping at the Choo Choo BBQ ever since I was 18, I’m in my 50’s now and STILL LOVE THEIR SAUCE. and food. They used to ship the sauce, wish I could have some now.

  2. I came here looking for recommendations on places to stop on my upcoming trip to Florida. I saw this review and felt compelled to put in my own two cents. Being a regular traveler from Maryland to the Sunshine State, I’ve come to greatly anticipate my pit stop (pun intended) for Georgia bbq. As my palette has been limited to Georgia Pig for the many number of years I’ve traveled this route, I decided it was time to give Choo Choo a fair shot during my last trip in December. I have to say I was horribly disappointed–and somewhat ill–afterward. The tiny, chopped scoop of meant I was served was bland and rubbery. There was no hint of smoke flavor at all. The bread was an odd combination of stale and soggy, and there was no flavor to be had anywhere, even after I did the unthinkable and put sauce on the whole mess. After I choked down one half, I decided I’d had enough and left a bit queasy–a feeling that lasted for the remaining six hours of my trip. I stopped at Choo Choo with a desire to find more great bbq to eat, and ended up wishing only that I had stuck with Georgia Pig.


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