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Jose’s Border Cafe – Christiana, DE

Location: I-95, Exit 4B, Christiana, Delaware

We eat at Jose’s Border Cafe on a regular basis and our grandchildren absolutely love it. In all the times we have been there, we have never had a bad experience.

It’s a small chain with only about 6 locations. A few in Massachusetts and New Jersey and one here in Christiana.

We love Jose’s and recommend it to all our friends.


  1. I love this restaurant. I could eat here just about everyday. I have never been a big fan of mexican food… then I ate here! The chips and salsa are the best! I could simply make a meal of just them!

  2. My wife and I travel 50 miles just to eat at Jose’s Border Cafe, our favorite Mexican Restaurant! We discovered it one day as we were driving to the beach. We have since traveled there just for the day out to eat and have fun.

    It’s well worth the travel time for a great meal and lots of fun. We recommend Jose’s!

  3. I loved Jose’s. It really is the best Mexican food I have eaten in a long time. I will go back when I’m in the area.

  4. We just can’t seem to pass on the way to and from our homes in Pennsylvania and Delaware without stopping for lunch or dinner at Jose’s Border Cafe.

    Good food, great atmosphere and reasonable prices… what more could you want? They are fabulous at the least! I just wish there was one closer to either Reading, Pennsylvania or Rehoboth, Delaware.

  5. I have been visiting Border’s Cafe for many years and eat there on a regular basis for lunch and late night dinners. We have even held our annual Christmas lucheon there for the last 6 years (approx. 30 to 40 people each year.
    However, their new policy of not offering take out has taken an unexpected change on my wanting to eat at Border’s. When I am tired and just want to grab something to eat and take home, I would think of Boarder’s for that meal. My children who are now adults also visit Boarder’s on a regular basis. They too feel different about Boarder’s since their new policy on no take out ordering. I will no longer eat at Boarders or will I hold my Christmas lucheon there this year. If a business fails to see the need for customer satisfaction I feel very sorry for that manager.

    Vince Strano


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