Millhouse Steakhouse - Brunswick, Georgia | I-95 Exit Guide

Millhouse Steakhouse – Brunswick, GA

The Millhouse Steakhouse is an excellent find.

I had Rainbow Trout; my sister had Ahi Tuna, both of which were excellent.  The bread they served was great with two different dipping sauces.  The steaks and other meals we saw looked excellent also.

It is located just off I-95, exit 38 at the Holiday Inn in Brunswick, GA.  I would definitely make this stop again.

2 thoughts on “Millhouse Steakhouse – Brunswick, GA”

  1. We have stopped here on 4 diffferent trips. Millhouse offers great food, inexpensive drinks and great service to the traveler and locals alike.

  2. I just visited the Millhouse Steakhouse. The bathroom was disgusting, but the overall cleanliness was good. The food was decently priced and service was fairly quick. Overall, I was impressed. The food was good.

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