Millhouse Steakhouse - Jacksonville, Florida | I-95 Exit Guide

Millhouse Steakhouse – Jacksonville, FL

I-95, Exit 363, Jacksonville, Florida

I dined at this fabulous restaurant more than once. I was told by many of my I-95 road warriors friends that it was the best place for steaks on I-95.

It has been my 4th time at the Millhouse and I can honestly say you won’t be disappointed. It’s moderately priced for the quality served. I think it has one of the most extensive menus I have ever seen. All quality menu items.

This is a must try if you are traveling in north Florida on I-95.

4 thoughts on “Millhouse Steakhouse – Jacksonville, FL”

  1. This place is awesome! My uncle and I stopped here on our drive through to Philly yesterday and had a fabulous, and entertaining dinner.

    We were served by Thunder (no seriously, her name is Thunder) who welcomed us with a huge smile, some laughs and a few glasses of sweet tea. The ribeye steak was tasty and the Jack Daniels ribs were out of this world!

    The place is easy to get to as well, just take the 2nd Duval exit (Jacksonville Airport) as you come from the I-95 N and then make your first right onto the service road, the steakhouse is a short distance down next to the Wendy’s.


  2. This was the WORST experience I have ever had in a restaurant. My wife and I have eaten here before with no problems, until last night. We were seated promptly and the Young Lady who was our waitress took our order for drinks. After receiving the drinks, my wife ordered a fish dinner and I ordered a Prime Rib dinner. We received our meals and began our meal, my wifes fish was FROZEN in the middle and was RAW. We signaled the waitress and she rushed it back to the kitchen, while I wanted to enjoy my Prime Rib while it was warm, I could not cut it with the furnished knife, it was so tough and over done as I ordered Medium. I turned the meat over and it obviously was an end piece which was overcooked, and was terrible. Meanwhile after 20 minutes of my wife still waiting for her fish, and waiting 15 minutes for our additional drink order, I demanded to speak to a Manager. My wife still had not received her meal and mine was not decent to eat. The manager finally came to our table and apologized, but did not offer to replace my meal or even deliver my wife’s meal. I told him I would not pay for the terrible meal I had delivered and would pay for the drinks only. All he stated was that he hoped we would give them another chance, in a future date. He did not at any time offer to redo our meals to our satisfaction. He said he saw the fish and I do not know why he did not have it served to my wife after re-cooking it. At this very frustrating time, my drink was still sitting on the Bar waiting for delivery to my table. I pointed out to the waitress that I would like my drink, after it has sat for 15 minutes. This was the most terrible experience I have ever had at a restuarant. We left without our meal, and was very late for a Church function after we ate at a different restaurant on St. Simons Island. Someone needs to review this situation that happened last night 12/06/2008 at 8PM at the Brunswick Mill House on the Golden Isles Parkway.

  3. My wife and I stop here every year on our annual Key West road trip from Canada. Fantastic food for lunch and dinner, although breakfast isn’t too much to rave about. The dinner menu is HUGE and everything we have tried has been absolutely excellent. We never miss this stop.

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