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Papa Gino’s Family Pizzaria – Various Locations

Location: Various locations along I-95 in New England

Papa Gino’s is a New England chain of pizzerias specializing in American-style pizza along with pasta, subs, salads, and a variety of appetizers. I’m your typical pizza lover… I could eat it daily if my wife would let me. Of all the pizza I’ve experienced Papa Gino’s is definitely in my top 5. Prices are a little high but they are always having specials deals. AAA members also get special treatment.

There are several Papa Gino’s located just off I-95 exits in Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. They also have plans to expand beyond New England… New York, Virginia and Florida. Give them a try!

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  1. I discovered Papa Gino’s on a recent visit to Massachusetts… I love their pizza! Wish we had some here in Georgia.

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