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Shoney’s – Various Locations

Location: Various Locations along I-95

Ever since I was a little kid, my parents would drive from Philly to Disney via I-95, hitting all the Bob’s Big Boy/Shoney’s along the way. There used to be one in Delaware, but I don’t know if it still exists… Other good ones were in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina and Walterboro, South Carolina.

The food stops were how I timed the (18 hour) trip and how my parents switched driving spots. They had excellent club sandwiches, and never-to-be-equaled biscuits and gravy for any meal, anytime.


  1. We love eating at Shoney’s. There used to be one in Laurel MD, close to home but it closed several years back. Now, the only time we get to eat at one is when we drive down to North Carolina. I love their salad bar and especially their onion rings.

  2. We stopped at the Walterboro Shoneys on Friday nite July 8 at approximately 8:30 PM and had dinner. We have eaten at a lot of
    Shoneys over the years, however this was the worst Shoneys in quality of food, band uilding not up to Shoneys standards.
    We were very disappointed in the meal and service, however the manager offered to give our money back, $32.00 for a bad meal. However I told her to keep the $20.00 as we had eat some of the food. You need to up grade his store and is menu. PS Two days earlier we had stopped at Shoneys in Manning SC and it was great.


  3. The food was OK but the price for the lunch buffet was kinda high. Colleton county has a 9% sales tax. The senior discount is 47 cents not really worth asking for. I will have second thoughts about returning to the Walterboro Shoneys.

  4. Been going to Shoney’s for years on my way south. Dynamite! My fave is fish fry night (used to be Thursdays,I think).
    Way to go,Shoney’s!

  5. No more Bob’s Big Boy in Delaware. We used to love that place and would eat there before we would begin our trek to Florida from here.


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