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Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q – Kingsland, GA

We just happened off I-95, looking for souvenirs and dinner. We were recommended a local chain fast food restaurant but decided to explore a little. Came upon Sonny’s Real Pit Bar-B-Q and gave it a try.

Oh my GOODNESS, what a dinner! The pulled pork was outstanding. It didn’t need sauce it was so good. We have been by twice, stopped twice, and were not disappointed. We are hoping one comes up north to NJ.

Sonny’s is located just off I-95, exit 3 (Kingsland-St. Mary;s Road, Route 44) in Kingsland, Georgia.


  1. Sonny’s is generally good… a couple of things…

    1) Conditions vary from store to store. While they try to keep everything up to a standard, we once encountered a horrendously badly maintained one. But that’s a “one and only”.

    2) Like all chain restaurants, some of their units have hit some bad times…and some have recently closed. Back in November, we were in the Orlando/Kissimmee area, and learned (the hard way) that two of the Sonny’s restaurants we used to go to on trips down there had closed. If you look out on the web, you’ll see that they’ve had store closings, and before venturing too far off the path to find a store, call the listed number.

    I wish Sonny’s would open some restaurants up here in New England… but, we’ll still go to them when we’re in their area when we can.


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