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The Dog House – New Castle, DE

Location: I-95, Exit 13, New Castle, Delaware

There is a small take-out, eat-in place called The Dog House in State Roads, Delaware (Newcastle) on northbound US 13-40, just south of the Delaware Memorial Bridge and, therefore, off I-95.

I never miss it – just cannot get better subs ANYWHERE! Blimpys and Subway PALE by comparison (little league!). There dogs are pretty good, too!


  1. The Dog House is a great small restaurant to just come in and sit down and have a delicious meal. I love their footlong hotdogs, but the menu doesn’t stop there. They have pretty much any kind of hotdog your can want along with cheese steaks and pizza.

    The food is delicious and the service is great. Everyone greets you with a smile and some nice conversation. I would recommend this nice little diner to everyone!

  2. My family has been eating at the Dog House since I was a little girl and I am now 56 years old. My children and grandchildren now are eating there. It is neat for them to see somewhere in the old counter style that we remember but they had never seen. Yesterday, my daughter, her huband, grand daughter, myself and husband had lunch at the Dog House on Dupont Hwy. Today on the way home from my Dads dr appointment, I will stop to get him and my Mom Dog House foot long hotdogs for dinner. He took me there when I was a kid and he still loves them! Four loyal generations, not many places can say that now days.


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