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Waffle House – Various Locations

I was surprised to see on the Gourmet section of your web site that no one had mentioned Waffle House! Being a native of Atlanta, Georgia, I became familiar with the uniquely Southern restaurants on road trips.

The slogan is “Good Food Fast”, and that’s what you’ll get! From (of course) waffles to hamburgers to grits to hash browns (scattered, smothered covered, chunked, topped, and/or diced), the Waffle House menu offers good food at a very low price.

Eerily, every Waffle House from Murfreesboro, Tennessee, to Daytona Beach, Florida, is exactly like every other one, but at least the food, service and prices are consistent!


  1. I have to say that when I moved to the South I was real
    excited about the Waffle House. Great name, great promise. But here
    is the unfortunate truth: Every waffle house has the same food, and
    it is ALL BRANDED. The cheese is Velveeta brand cheese. The coffee
    is MJB coffee. The bacon has a brand. EVERYTHING is packaged
    somewhere, then opened and slapped together by the workers. No food
    is actually cooked at Waffle house–it is simply assembled. And
    man, can you taste it. I have never had less home-cooked food than
    here. Total bummer. I really don’t know how they are still open,
    because no person in their right mind would return to these places.
    Fast food places like McDonalds have better, and apparently,
    FRESHER food than Waffle House.

    • I don’t agree with you. I have sat at the counter many times with a good view of how things are being cooked. Nothing is slapped together. Best breakfast anywhere. If you want slapped together go to the other fast food places.

  2. For those of you going between Chicago and Disney World by car, there is an excellent restaurant for you to try: the Waffle House. My orchestra (Waubonsie Valley High School of Aurora, IL) took a trip through there by bus, and all along the road were Waffle Houses, sometimes as many as two or three to an exit. We stopped at one, and it was the best waffle I had ever had. There are fifty-two (two of them are Waffle Steaks, but I don’t remember if they were on I-95 or not) between Chicago and Disney, most of which are on I-95. I hear there are two in Orlando, but we only saw one. We slept in shifts to count them all. Try them, you’ll thank me for it.


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