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Wildfire – Tysons Corner, VA

How many preteens get to experience a four course gourmet meal at a new restaurant? Not nearly enough! But the Girl Scout Creative Cooking Interest Project gave the Cadettes of Troop 4242 a reason to visit and review the new and elegant restaurant, Wildfire, which recently opened at Tysons Corner, off of I-495 in Northern Virginia.

What did this group of young critics think of this restaurant? All gave it an enthusiastic “thumbs up” on the Hollywood glam decor and family style service but the ultra modern ladies room with its space age hands dryer drew the highest and noisiest praise. As for the food, Wildfire’s party menu was perfect for these budding foodies, allowing the troop to choose two items in each course at the reasonable price of about $30 per person.

The pizza starter was a huge hit with all, although the soft and gooey mozzarella cheese proved a little challenging on the braces! Those who dared to try the crab cakes were pleasantly surprised by its fresh taste. The cheesy baked penne with roasted vegetables was the clear entree favorite; while it sounded tasty on the menu, none of the tasters enjoyed the overly seasoned lemon pepper chicken breast. The salad and veggies accompanying the meal were all acceptable, but these young diners give the Best Vegetable Award to the hot, slim, crispy French fries.

Copious amounts of starters, entrees and salad were consumed, but this intrepid young crowd somehow found room in their stomachs to sample both the triple layer chocolate cake and the homemade key lime pie. The reviews were split, with some favoring the super-rich cake, while others aligned with the sweet and tart pie. The cool ambiance, quick service and large servings all combined to create a terrific experience for this group of Girl Scouts. The troop definitely recommends a visit to Wildfire for the teen who is too cool for Chuckie Cheese, laser tag or bowling, but deserves a treat for being all around awesome!

Wildfire is located just off I-495, Exit 46 in Tysons Corner, VA


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