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Six Flags America – Upper Marlboro, MD

A treasure trove of adrenaline-pumping rides

Six Flags America is part of the Six Flags chain of theme parks, located in Largo, Maryland, 15 miles east of Washington, DC and 30 miles southwest of Baltimore, Maryland.

If you’re seeking a world of excitement, look no further than Six Flags America. This park is a treasure trove of adrenaline-pumping rides, family-friendly attractions, and a vibrant atmosphere that promises an unforgettable day of fun.

A Roller Coaster Wonderland

One of the standout features of Six Flags America is its impressive collection of roller coasters that cater to all levels of thrill enthusiasts. From stomach-churning loops to heart-racing drops, the park’s roller coasters promise an exhilarating experience. The mind-bending twists and turns of rides like “Superman: Ride of Steel” and “Batwing” are sure to leave even the most seasoned coaster aficionados on the edge of their seats.

For those seeking a more family-friendly coaster adventure, the “Wild One” provides a classic wooden coaster experience that’s perfect for riders of all ages. The variety of coasters ensures that there’s something for everyone, whether you’re a daredevil craving the ultimate thrill or a parent looking to share the joy of coasters with your little ones.

Splash into Summer

When the temperatures rise, Six Flags America doesn’t just offer thrills on land but also a refreshing aquatic escape. The water park within the premises, Hurricane Harbor, beckons visitors to cool off and make a splash. With a range of water attractions, from lazy rivers to exhilarating water slides, it’s the perfect place to beat the summer heat.

Families can enjoy the wave pool, while the daring can brave the twists and turns of water slides like “Tornado” and “Zoomazon Falls.” Whether you prefer basking in the sun or making a splash in the water, Hurricane Harbor adds a refreshing dimension to your Six Flags America experience.

Six Flags America - Hurricane Harbor | I-95 Exit Guide
Six Flags America – Hurricane Harbor | Photo Credit: Six Flags America

Family-Friendly Fun

Beyond the high-speed thrills, Six Flags America is committed to providing a family-friendly environment. The park features a variety of attractions suitable for visitors of all ages. From whimsical carousels and gentle rides for the little ones to live entertainment that captivates audiences, there’s a perfect blend of excitement and charm for every member of the family.

The Looney Tunes Movie Town offers an immersive experience for younger visitors, allowing them to interact with their favorite characters from the beloved Looney Tunes universe. The enchanting atmosphere and colorful attractions make it a go-to destination for families with children.

Seasonal Delights and Events

Six Flags America doesn’t just stop at heart-stopping rides and family-friendly attractions; it also hosts a range of seasonal events that add a dash of magic to the experience. From spine-tingling haunted houses during Fright Fest to the dazzling lights and festive spirit of Holiday in the Park, the park transforms with the seasons.

The park’s calendar is peppered with special events, concerts, and themed celebrations, ensuring that each visit to Six Flags America is a unique experience. Whether you’re celebrating Halloween with costumed characters or enjoying the holiday season with twinkling lights and festive music, the park’s events add an extra layer of excitement to your day.

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Plan Your Visit

To make the most of your Six Flags America adventure, it’s essential to plan your visit strategically. Check the park’s website for the latest information on operating hours, ticket prices, and any special events or promotions. Consider purchasing tickets online to save time and take advantage of any discounts available.

For a more seamless experience, explore the option of a season pass, allowing you unlimited access to the park and its attractions throughout the year. Six Flags America often offers exclusive perks for season pass holders, making it a worthwhile investment for those planning multiple visits.

Six Flags America
13710 Central Avenue
Upper Marlboro, Maryland 20775
Telephone: 800-491-4FUN Toll Free

Hours of Operation
The park operates on weekends from mid-April through late May, then seven days a week until Labor Day, with weekends continuing through October. The water park is only open from late May through Labor Day. On most days during the summer, the park is open from 10:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., with the water rides opening a half hour later and closing an hour earlier. But many days have shorter hours, especially early and late in the year, so check with the park before you go.

General Admission: $61.99
Guest under 48”: $42.99
Kids 2 and younger, free.


  • From I-95 points north – Take I-95 south to I-495 (Maryland), then south on I-495 to exit 15A, Central Avenue East. Six Flags America is located approximately five miles from the exit, on the left.
  • From I-95 points south – Take I-95 north to the I-95/395/495 interchange. Continue on I-95 north towards Baltimore. Cross the Woodrow Wilson Bridge into Maryland, continuing on I-95 north. Take Exit 15A, Central Avenue East. Six Flags America is located approximately five miles from the exit, on the left.

Six Flags America in a Nutshell

Six Flags America is a testament to the thrill-seeker’s paradise. With a diverse array of roller coasters, family-friendly attractions, and seasonal events, the park offers a dynamic experience for visitors of all ages. Whether you’re screaming your way through a high-speed coaster or enjoying a leisurely day in the water park, Six Flags America promises a day filled with laughter, excitement, and unforgettable memories. So, gear up for an adventure and get ready to explore the thrills that await at Six Flags America!

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