Bridgeport, Connecticut

Bridgeport, Connecticut | I-95 Exit Guide

Bridgeport At a Glance

Located at the mouth of the Pequonnock River, Bridgeport, Connecticut was the home of P.T. Barnum and the birthplace of “General” Tom Thumb, a 28-inch tall man who was the main attraction of Barnum’s “Greatest Show On Earth”.

Places to Stay in Bridgeport

The Bridgeport Holiday Inn (I-95, exit 27A, then north on CT 25 to exit 2) and the Ramada Inn (I-95, exit 30) are two of the areas better motels.

Places to Eat in Bridgeport

Try Copperfield’s, located at the Ramada Inn (I-95, exit 30) or LaFamilia Restaurant located on Pembroke Street (I-95, exit 28).$$ You’ll also find a few fast food restaurants just off I-95 at exit 25.

Places to Go in Bridgeport

You can’t stop in Bridgeport without a visit to the P.T. Barnum Museum (820 Main Street). It’s a 3 story museum with a 7,000 square-foot special exhibitions wing that houses two major shows a year. The Beardsley Zoo (I-95, exit 27 to CT 25) features 120 different species of animals. There’s also a New England Farm Exhibit and an indoor rain forest! The Discovery Museum (4450 Park Avenue) is a 90-acre art and science museum with a Learning Center and Planetarium.

Getting Around Bridgeport

I-95 runs east-west through Bridgeport. Exits 25 thru 30 will take you to various locations within the city. CT Route 25 (I-95, exit 27) runs through Bridgeport north to south.

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