Goldsboro, North Carolina

Goldsboro, North Carolina | I-95 Exit Guide

Goldsboro at a Glance

At first glance Goldsboro, North Carolina looks quiet and some what reserved, you get the feeling of wanting to settle down and maybe raising a family here.

Places to Stay in Goldsboro

The hotel accommodations are modest giving you the feeling of tranquility and total relaxation. In my opinion hotels such as the Holiday Inn Express (located on 909 North Spence Avenue) in Goldsboro is quiet a romantic place if you have an imagination.

Places to Eat in Goldsboro

For the kid in all of us McDonald’s on Berkeley Boulevard and Herman Street in Goldsboro is very good. For those who love to eat some good ole’ fried chicken, barbeque, collards with that fat back chopped up in it with potatoe salad, ribs, chitterlings, candy yams, macaroni & cheese, chicken pastry, corn bread with a cold glass on lemonade, and family (OOOOOWEE!)

Places to Go in Goldsboro

We have the Berkeley Mall on Berkeley Boulevard located in Goldsboro N.C. Going to parties is a who you know when you get here being family, friends, or old aquaintances you met along the way. We also have historical buildings down Center Street.

Getting Around Goldsboro

In Goldsboro one way of getting around is on the Gateway Bus System that is available to those who don’t have transportation of their own or if you want to ride to give that new or old car home and ride for a $1.00.

Goldsboro Links

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“Flat out, find some land put a house on it and enjoy life.”

Slow and Easy
Sometimes loud but not wild

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