Brookside Restaurant – Smyrna, ME

Location: I-95, Exit 286, Smyrna, Maine

If you travel long enough north on I-95 you will come to a small town in Maine off of Exit 286, called Smyrna. By stopping at the restaurant that is directly off of the exit you will have the opportunity to eat at the finest homestyle cooking restaurant in New England (at least). It’s name is Brookside Inn.

People have traveled from Southern Maine (a great distance if you travel Maine very often) just to dine at this small but comfortable place and I for one have traveled from New Hampshire for their scrumptious Rueben Sandwich or their chicken pie and Homemade French Fries. Their homemade breads and desserts are worth the long trek as well.

I hope you have the privilege of someday traveling to Smyrna, Maine and enjoying Brookside Inn (and it’s owners who are very welcoming and kind).

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