The Shell House - Savannah, Georgia | I-95 Exit Guide

The Shell House – Savannah, GA

Location: I-95 Exit 94, Savannah, Georgia

For shellfish lovers this place is a must! It is the Shell House in Savannah, Georgia. It is right off of I-95 exit 94, when you get off the interstate go west for a couple of hundred feet and make a right. It is in a small area with one of the many motels in the area.

The Shell House opens a 4 P. M. and time my trips so I can have my dinner there. The portions are tremendous and the food is great. Every table has an opening in the center to toss your garbage into. The service is very good and the staff is very friendly.

If you plan on spending the night in the area there are at least seven or eight motels there plus a nice outlet shopping center.

3 thoughts on “The Shell House – Savannah, GA”

  1. The Shell House restaurant was out of sight. The crab cakes were to die for, as the person at the next table to us said as she heard me ask my wife, “I wonder how the crab cakes are.” She was right. We are from Florida, and we found the shrimp better than we had ever had. They were wonderful.

    I am planning a trip to that part of the country in a week and I plan to stop here for dinner on my way. My mouth is already watering.

  2. The Shell House is a great spot for dinner… they’re not open for lunch. They serve great food with no fuss and at reasonable prices. If you are a seafood lover, you must stop here.

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