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I-95 WalMart / Sam’s Club Locations
Walmart and Sam’s Club have welcomed RVers for many years, with some allowing overnight RV parking in their parking lots. While there is no official corporate policy regarding overnight parking , Walmart leaves it up to the individual stores managers to determine if travelers are allowed to spend the night in their parking lot. If there … Continue reading I-95 WalMart / Sam’s Club Locations
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“Keep Right Except to Pass” Laws for I-95 States
Driving slowly in the fast lane is more than just annoying, it’s also illegal in many states. The left hand lane of an Interstate highway is designated as the passing lane. The right lane in this system is called the travel lane.  If there are 3 or more lanes of traffic moving in the same direction … Continue reading “Keep Right Except to Pass” Laws for I-95 States
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Distracted Driving Laws for I-95 States
Current distracted driving laws for all states that I-95 passes through are listed below, north to south. Hand-held Cell Phone Use Ban: 6 states and D.C., prohibit all drivers from using hand-held cell phones while driving. 2 states make it a local community option, and 1 state bans hand-held cell phone use for drivers under 18. … Continue reading Distracted Driving Laws for I-95 States

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