Many people just want to get away from it all and head somewhere warm and sunny to recharge. Solo road trips, family trips to see relatives, or a romantic getaway with your partner, are the new norms for those looking to escape.

With so many people setting out with the same goal, it’s important to be prepared and have strong strategies in your back pocket. I-95 Exit Guide has compiled a list of expert tips to get you ready for a stress-free escape to remember.

1. Take the Comforts of Home With You

Traveling can be stressful by nature, Worthy Go suggests you bring tools to nurture yourself, such as your favorite travel game, pillow, or gadget. Having a new book on hand or the latest meditation app can reduce stress while getting from point A to point B and once you reach your destination.

2. Travel on Less Busy Days

Travel is less stressful when you avoid busy days. To avoid heavy traffic and higher costs, consider starting your road trip a few days before the holidays or after, as weekends tend to be busier and more expensive for travel. Opting for mid-week travel can provide a more relaxed journey with less congestion on the roads. To further economize, use travel apps that help find the best deals on accommodations. Additionally, if your trip has a business purpose, you may be able to claim certain expenses on your taxes.

3. Cater to Everyone’s Interests

It may seem obvious to head to a destination that has something for everyone, but it isn’t always that easy. Dad may like a trip to the mountains for skiing, while mom wants the beach, and the kids just want any theme park. In fact, everyone will enjoy some time at a Disney theme park, so check into the perks that come with being part of the Disney Vacation Club.

Before embarking on your trip, talk to everyone going on the trip and get their opinion of what they want to experience. Create an itinerary that includes everyone’s interest, and a few that are new to all. By doing so, each member of your family will feel included in the planning, and consequently feel more engaged in other family member’s recommendations.

4. Consider Buying a Vacation Home

Buying a vacation home can offer numerous merits for those seeking a getaway. It provides a sense of familiarity and comfort in a different location, allowing you to escape the routine of daily life while still feeling at home. Additionally, owning a vacation home can save you money in the long run compared to renting accommodations for multiple trips. It also offers the freedom to personalize and maintain the property to your liking, creating a space tailored to your preferences. Moreover, having a vacation home allows you to build cherished memories in a familiar environment, fostering a sense of belonging in your chosen getaway destination.

5. Don’t Overthink it

Chances are if you’re planning a vacation, you really need to escape. You’re jamming a long weekend, or a week, into an already hectic schedule, and putting your hopes and dreams on the line, expecting it will be the best vacation ever. But heaping that much hope into your getaway can also backfire. Just think that you’re having a normal day, but you just have to be somewhere else.

And don’t go overthinking the other way too. Don’t think that something bad will happen, and the trip will be fraught with mishaps. Just live in the present, and enjoy whatever adventures come your way.

6. Preserve Your Memories

Collecting memories from your vacation and showcasing them on a custom poster is a wonderful way to preserve and share your experiences. With a free online tool, you can easily create a personalized poster that captures the essence of your trip. Whether it’s a stunning sunset, a candid laugh, or a scenic view, a poster will bring your vacation memories to life. You can add your own text and photos to these posters, providing context, dates, or thoughtful quotes that resonate with your journey. This feature adds a personal touch, making your poster not just a collection of images, but a story told through your eyes. With the ease of drag-and-drop editing and a variety of templates, creating a vacation memory poster becomes a simple, enjoyable, and creative process.

When planning your getaway, get everyone’s input on your trip, don’t overthink things, find ways to save, avoid work-related concerns, and bring a bit of home along. Following these expert tips can help you navigate an escape from stress. You’ll be able to unwind and relax, which is the main reason you’re getting away. Good luck and happy traveling!

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