I-84/Garden State Parkway Alternative

I-84 Garden State Parkway | I-95 Exit Guide

About This Route:
I-95 thru Rhode Island, Southern Connecticut and New York City is not something most seasoned I-95 drivers look forward to… but there is an alternative. The route described below is not without issues, but they are far less stressful thank taking I-95 directly. The Connecticut/Tappan Zee alternative is entirely multi-lane divided Interstate highways that pass through smaller cities and rural areas.

Southbound Details:
From Massachusetts I-495 Exit 25 take I-290 west to Worcester.

  1. Fom Worcester, continue on I-290 west into the junction of I-90 west.
  2. Take I-90 west to the junction of I-84.
  3. Take I-84 west thru Hartford, Connecticut to New York State and the junction of and I-684.
  4. Take I-684 south to I-287
  5. Take I-287 west, over the Tappan Zee Bridge to the Garden State Parkway
  6. Take the Garden State Parkway south to The New Jersey Turnpike where you rejoin I-95

Trip Totals:
Total distance for this alternate route is 237 miles. Total distance if using I-95 is 255 miles.

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